SUBTEXT with Héloise Bergman  Coral Howard  Kate Kotcheff


SUBTEXT with Héloise Bergman Ÿ Coral Howard Ÿ Kate Kotcheff

Three contemporary photographers exploring ‘surface’ image,
Presented for Photomonth 2012 at Doomed Gallery

Wednesday Oct 31st -Sunday Nov 4th

Review by Pascal Ancel Bartholdi

I was reading from my favourite book, Mysterium Coniunctionis when I came across a sentence that brought me right back to this somnolent circular film…the stop animation piece by Kate Kotcheff: The Hour Glass Machine. In the book, The Mound is described as a symbol of the ever growing womb of the matrix, and this sounds ambiguous, but the mound is in fact empty, yet alive with the promise of birth, of renewal, and becoming. Adjacent to the idea of a natural promontory lay the monumental  construct of a civilisation, the Pyramid. This is no tomb but a catalyst.  In effect, as has been established by certain anthropologists, the temple, were it be a Ziggurat…

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1 Response to SUBTEXT with Héloise Bergman  Coral Howard  Kate Kotcheff

  1. Jack Zulu says:

    As always Pascal, I am wowed by your words and your mind. You are clearly a master of more than just visual art, as you are wordsmith for sure.

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