Artist call: INTER-SCAPE. Micro Art festival at Building Bloq, Edmonton, London,21/09/2013

Artist Call!!!! 

Performers, painters, sculptors, photographers, visual artists, sound artists, installation… All kind of Artists!!!!! we need all of you!!!! It will be one day of events spread in different times and locations. From the inside of a big gallery until the infinite zone outside the space. A map will help the audience to find their way and the path will be full of performances and art pieces.

The event will be on the 21st of September but please if you are interested get in contact with us until the 30th of July!!! 



Edmonton is like a doorway between country side and city where things are left to rot, odd half constructions, abandoned, a lost land (re)conditioned by humans. We travel through miles and find one hidden village after another, yet, it is still London; the city does not seem to end. We see the signs of a broken power left by the human impact; it shows an attempt at calculation but its failure gives room to jump and explore new potentials in the use and perception of a space. Artists are humans too and bear a responsibility by generating new structures. We should therefore question our own effect upon this inter-scape through the work derived from our interaction with its ruins, estranged edifices and samples of earth within this post suburban non residential mixture between motorways and factories. We see it as a passage to and from the city, a grey liminal edge. In this tentative natural area kept behind fences, communities live day to day, some have returned to a tribal state living on barges, in tents, on the edge of the canal which was once a high place of trading. We are asking people to leave the city as they know it and experience a sense of possibility, in the dormant state of a place. This means a place which holds the ghostly memories of an activity that became redundant. The work of the artist will consist in creating a point of reference where the margin evolves in the way a landscape passes at very high speed outside the train window. 

From the outset Magma Collective researched and experimented on the relationship between the psyche and the environment. This led each artist to create a continuous response resonating with the rest of the collective as much as with the surrounding artistic and cultural community. Having initiated work around the idea of Mega City, Magma moved through Mnemonic City, a more detailed overview of the structure of urban survival in relation to the allegory of Plato’s Cave, to focus its attention on the centre of the city itself: the market place, the hub of ambiguous communication. In Moving Streets, the space, observed and transformed into a work of art, appears as the site of an endless repetition. Yet, the details will vary, the values will change, people will be different or walk by at different times, and exchange words and currencies differently. There is therefore no solidity or permanence and this inspired Magma to look for this paradoxical inconstancy and this sensation of dissolving memory elsewhere in the geographical margin of the city. After Dalston, and Ridley Road market in particular, Magma moves to Edmonton, a Saturnian ring around planet London. Behind this itinerary lies the idea of a creative re-mapping of the metropolis. An inversion occurs. Magma leads the audience to zoom out after zooming in. Where do the signals end, from the stone sinking to the water circles ? These signals, Magma follows right into the waste land, where remnants of nature collide with remains of industry. Here nature seems to be waiting in an in between zone to be entirely conquered or re-conquer itself in its entirety. 

written by Pascal Ancel Bartholdi


Ines von Bonhorst

vimeo: Ines von Bonhorst
Skype: vonbonhorst

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