The magazine began germinating twenty four years ago under the name AlbaTrois, in Paris. at the time, the use of the internet was unknown at least to our group. This was a short experiment including mostly comic strip pages.

Cosmocular 06

It remained embryonic until the apparition of virtual social media allowing for partial  omnipresent support for the renewal of the basic idea.

There is now a plethora of so called ‘invisible magazines’ enabling self service cultural platforms to grow on the web.

This one is the result of a critical and playful initiative, exhorting  collaborative expansion. It floats ashore the mainstream avant-garde . It relies on its own momentum, devoid of typologies intrinsic to the net and to cyclic history. It is dead pan located in the eye of the micro storm about to heat the fan to boil up point, in etc mode. Perhaps a crucial point in the making. A weightless expansion amounting to less than zero probability. If nothingness not only surrounds but inhabits us, numbers fall into utter disuse, disabled by the absurdity of a burden of proof that awaits us unexpectedly, proof of absolute zero human survival in the purity of poetic space.

Cell Divide Osmosis 141



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